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 CAMPBELL'S CONDENSED SOUP CAN-TAINER Thermos 340 ml 11.5 Oz: Buy Now for only $12.99!

A Aronson CAMPBELL'S CONDENSED SOUP CAN-TAINER Thermos 340 ml 11.5 Oz BOTTLE: Buy Now for only $12.99!

What a collectible!
This is an A. Aronson CAMPBELL'S CONDENSED SOUP CAN-TAINER Thermos Bottle, 340 ml 11.5 Oz Model
This classic Style CAN-TAINER Thermos Bottle is labelled made by A Aronson INC, and is labelled Made in China on the base.
This is a 11.5 Oz lunch-box size CAN-TAINER Thermos 340 ml top is the ideal size to fit
in most standard vintage metal and plastic lunch boxes.
It is shaped to look like a classic CAMPBELL CONDENCED SOUP can, and is labelled a "Can-Tainer".
The CAN-TAINER Thermos itself measures 7 1/4 inches in length and is 3 1/2 inches in diameter at the base.
The CAN-TAINER Thermos is complete with the original white red plastic cup lid and the original wide red-white stopper.
Overall, the CAN-TAINER Thermos is gently used but remains in SUPER EXCELLENT CONDITION.
It is freshly cleaned & washed and has a great super clean interior.
The CAMPBELL's logos and red Designs are in terrific shape, and there are only a few small scratches in a couple of places.
A Retro Campbell's Soup Vintage CAN-TAINER Thermos for one low price.
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