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2001 Robots in Disguise Transformers Combaticons BRUTICUS Robot Figure: Buy Now for only $9.99

2001 Robots in Disguise Transformers Combaticons ONSLAUGHT BRUTICUS Robot Figure: Buy Now for only $9.99!

What a collectible!
This 2001 Transformers is a "Robots in Disguise" series figure which is an reissue of
the Combaticons ONSLAUGHT "BRUTICUS" figure that came out with the original Transformers, and this version
is clearly labelled made by by HASBRO TAKARA and is made in China.
It Transforms from an Military Truck with a Double canon to a Robot.
The figures comes loose with his double canon accessory but is missing his rifle and bruticus parts.
The figure is a Combaticons and measures about 7 inches in height as a robot.
The figure is TIGHT and can transform smoothly.
Overall, this ONSLAUGHT is gently used and remains super excellent condition.
His body and all limbs and adjustable parts are in great shape
All of the moving parts needed to transform him are tight and move smoothly in and out of place.
A nice Robots in Disguise 2001 Original Combaticons ONSLAUGHT for a super low price!
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