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1997 NHL Mario Lemieux Kellogg's CORN FLAKES Box Original Promo: Buy Now for only $24.99

1997 NHL Mario Lemieux Kellogg's CORN FLAKES Box Original Promo: Buy Now for only $24.99!

What a collectible!
1997 NHL Mario Lemieux Kellogg's CORN FLAKES 675 Grams Box Original Promotional Item.
Please take the time to read below so you know what you are potentially buying.
This item like most of my retro Sports Collectibles directly from my personal collection which I am selling off.
My Mom bought this back in 1996-1997 and of course I snagged the box once my dad ate all the corn flakes,
and I also got the Pinnacle Card inside (to be sold separately).
This was a limited edition and was sold inside Canada only around 1996 and 1997 when Mario was
still an active player of the Pittsburgh Penguins (before the first retirement).
The box was a very popular once and also featured the SPOT THE PUCK AND WIN $100,000.00 CONTEST.
To this day, the same BOX is present in the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame Mario Lemieux HOF Display in Toronto Canada..
The BOX is of course made by Kellogg's and is 100% Bilingual sold in Canada only from 1996 to 1997.
The box was a large 675 grams model, which is about 33 cm in height, 24 in length and 9 cm in depth.
This box comes empty with nothing inside not even the plastic bag, it is only the cardboard shell.
The base has not been taken apart yet but if this item is shipped, it will be flattened and the base opened up.
Overall, the box is gently used, and is aged a bit from th years of display and comes in excellent clean condition.
The corners are a bit banged up, but all graphics are super clean with no stains, rips and no tape tears.
The Cereal Box was kept in cool basement storage in a windowless room and a smoke free home.
This is a great rare Classic Hall of fame Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux Collectible that is almost impossible to find on eBay.
I also have the Pinnacle Hockey cards from inside the box as well if the buyer wishes to purchase that as well.
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