Moscow Olympics 1980 MS Alexandr Pushkin Riverboat Silverplate Candy Dish Tray: Only $26.99

Vintage Moscow Olympics 1980 MS Alexandr Pushkin Riverboat Silverplate Candy Dish Tray: Only $26.99

Vintage Moscow Olympics 1980 MS Alexandr Pushkin Riverboat Silverplate Candy Dish Tray:
This awesome item is a real gem and a rare find that must be from 1979 to 1980
Honestly, I am not sure where this item came from, or what is made of and
There is nothing on EBAY, ETSY, or Collectors Weekly, or even in Google, so I am am very stumped.
I just found this 2 days ago in a Thrift shop in the standard section of dishes and bake-ware.
The Silver-plate (if it is silver-plate, I am not sure) Candy Dish Tray measures about 8 1/2 inches in diameter
and has a nice adjustable curved carry handle 6 1/2 in height.
I got it because is is clearly some type of vintage 1980 USSR 1980 Moscow Olympics Collectible merchandise
which is REALLY hard to find since these Summer Olympics games were boycotted by the USA and several other nations.
I thought it to be cool and rare and nice dainty Silver-plate candy dish.
But, I had one question? "Who is Alexandr Pushkin???"
OK, So I got home and I found out about the legendary Poet/ Royal Aristocrat, which was nice,
but usually USSR Soviet Union frowned upon Royalty so I was stumped...
Why is his name on this silver-plate tray/ candy dish???
Then I had an "aha", its is actually written "MS Alexandr Pushkin"
which now came up with new results, it was a cruise ship luxury vessel that was launched in 1974,
and is still operating after a few refurbishments.
It travels along several tourist Russian rivers (Moscova river is one),
and has out lasted the Soviet Union. So I have NO EVIDENCE of this, but from First glance,
this looks to be a candy dish that was taken from, and/or a souvenir dish tray from
the Luxury vessel "MS Alexandr Pushkin" back in 1980 which was the year of the Olympics.
This is my BEST GUESS...... IF ANYBODY wants to help me figure out if my guess is accurate,
and if anybody Russian out there has any idea what this thing is, please let me know!!!!.
For now, this is mostly a mystery collectible.
Overall, the dainty Silver-plate candy dish is gently used and aged a bit but remains in excellent condition.
It is super clean on the outside, and has no chips, no cracks and no dents.
It does have a wee bit of minor corrosion in some of the traditional Russian design patterns,
and there is a bit of yellowing near the logo from what looks to be epoxy used to glue the OLYMPIC Metal logo disc in place.
The carry handle is adjustable and is in fabulous shape.
The design and patterns of the plate is really nice and displays beautifully.
The pictures below really speak for themselves.
This is a great RARE 1980 BOYCOTT MOSCOW OLYMPICS Moscow Olympics MS Alexandr Pushkin Riverboat Silver-plate collectible one super low price!!!!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

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