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Vintage Diecast Metal Tootsie Toy US Army Truck 6

Vintage Diecast Metal Tootsie Toy US Army Truck 6" FORD F-700 Anti Aircraft-Searchlight

What a collectible!
Vintage Diecast Metal Tootsie Toy US Army Truck 6" FORD F-700 Anti Aircraft-Searchlight, made in MADE IN THE USA.
Please take the time to read below so you know what you are buying:
This classic TOOTSIE TOY silver coach greyhound bus vehicle is made BY TOOTSIE TOYs TOYS in the 1970 and is made in the USA.
This awesome hard to find nice original TOOTSIE TOY die-cast Toy Ford flatbed truck
is clearly labelled on the underside "TOOTSIE TOY (R) Chicago - MADE IN the U.S.A.".
This classic TOOTSIE TOY Die-cast toy is from 1950s and has a read old style diecast look to it with no windows.
It is has the class ford Truck logo on the front and is based on a Ford F-700 Trick, with a faltbed which has an
ampty hole in the middle which normally has a Anti Aircraft cannon or a Search-light.
it is Supposed to be a military War vehicle for the classic WWII playsets of that time, like Iwo jima battle Set.
It measures 6 1/8 inches in length, and has large BLACK plastic tires on metal axles.
It is predominantly painted US Army Green, across the top and is unpainted on the underside.
Please note that this is an original Truck and it has NOT been repainted so about 20% of the paint has chipped off.
This wonderful vintage Miltary truck overall has been used with some playwear and age and remains in very good condition.
All 4 plastic wheels are in great working shape and the car rolls fine.
It has about 80% of the original paint, and is only missing the Plastic canon or search-light.
A REAL HARD TO FIND 1950s TOOTSIE TOY Diecast Military Ford truck for Army Diamrama FANS OF ALL AGES!!
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